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Notice from Superintendent Gene Stone - January 2021

Happy New Year LYSD Community Members!

As shared prior to the break, our schools opened on January 5 in the Red. As you all know this category means remote learning is the delivery model for our students. Because of the many teachers and classified staff members who traveled out for the holiday our administration per YKHC guidance felt it was important to ensure all employees returning from out of town travel would need to complete what we referenced as a soft quarantine. Essentially the employee would return with the understanding they would take a Covid test, and would quarantine until their test results showed they were negative and upon providing those results. The quarantine would allow certified teachers to work between their home and their classroom and prepare work in their classroom, but could not access any other parts of the building.

Administration meets weekly with YKHC doctors and Covid response coordinators to discuss recommendations for how school districts in the region should proceed. At this time, YKHC experts have recommended that all LYSD schools remain in the Red category for school operations. This means no face-to-face learning and no activities. Based on todays meeting, January 11, 2021 it was shared that they believe there is going to be significant community spread over the next several weeks. This is not the news we had hoped to hear, but given the amount of travel that occurred and the amount of Covid that is already active, it is our reality.

The good news is teams have aggressively administered vaccines throughout our region. I have spoken with several principals and they are working hard to inform and encourage employees to get vaccinated. The Pfizer vaccine can be administered from the ages of 16 and up. The Moderna vaccine can be administered from the ages of 18 and up.

Yukon Delta and Kusilvak regions are still the leading community spread rates in the state and among the highest in the country. YKHC has shared they would like to see cases per 100,000 be less than 10. Currently cases per 100,000 have been hovering around 300.  Obviously we have a ways to go to get things under control. 

We will have a Board meeting on January 21, 2021 and a discussion item will be our mitigation plans for opening schools for face-to-face learning and what the Board’s and Administration’s direction will be for villages that have 0 cases and how decisions will be made for moving our schools from Red to Yellow. It is quite unlikely that our schools will go back to green any time this quarter and quite possibly for the remainder of the year.

YKHC continues to urge people to wear masks, social distance, avoid social gatherings, other village travel and limit trips to places like the store, post office or other public places that offer potential to spread the virus or catch the virus.

I know our LYSD administration and Regional School Board are eager to get our students back to school. We thank you for your patience. Principals will continue to keep you posted as to local developments that are related to school operations. As for now, schools are all distributing packets for at home learning and providing a week’s worth of food at a time. The FDA has shared that our district can no longer provide in excess of one-weeks worth of food for a student. We are required to comply with this regulation.

I encourage community members to reference the YKHC website as a great resource for learning about Covid related content. Go to:

I also wanted to comment on our recent events in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. Without being political, I want to share that it was deeply disappointing to see our Capitol destroyed and vandalized by the violent acts of rioters. It’s unfortunate for our children to see adults act with this kind of aggression. I’m hopeful that the generation we are educating right now will learn from this disturbing event and will have the resolve to move our country forward with civility and a vision that leaves no one out. We are all citizens of a great free democratic country and while no republic is perfect, violence and terroristic acts are not what I want to see our children learn as a way to respond to a disagreement. I appreciate our Board’s commitment to model how change should take place and the civility and decorum they have always shown and modeled at every meeting.

In closing, I just want to say I think our communities have done an outstanding job in helping keep Covid-19 out of our schools. DC could learn something from how our communities have acted with calm and reason as we have worked through a very difficult time. We are getting closer every day to returning to a more normal way of life. Please be safe and thank you all for your support and understanding.

Quayana…Gene Stone

Gene Stone
Chief School Administrator
Lower Yukon School District
PO Box 32089 Mountain Village, AK 99632

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