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February 26, 2021
Greetings LYSD Parents!

As we near the end of this month we have reason to celebrate. We are reopening schools throughout the District. Scammon Bay was the first school to reopen on February 22, 2021. Alakanuk, Hooper Bay, Hooper Bay Charter School, Kotlik, Nunam Iqua, Pilot Station and Russian Mission are opening on March 1, 2021 and Emmonak, Mountain Village and Marshall are hoping for March 8, 2021 openings.

Parents, the reason I am writing this letter is to express to you all the deep gratitude our School Board and District Administration, as well as all of our employees who have relied so heavily on you to provide the at home teaching support that you have provided your children and grandchildren. We know the closing of schools has required great sacrifice, inconvenience and concern for the loss of learning that has occurred.

What has been clearly evident through this pandemic is the rural/urban divide in terms of internet services and alternative learning options. We have qualified for monies that are helping us address this divide and we will be working to install district-wide intranet services for all school families. This technology will allow school to home connectivity so students will be able to be instructed with a video connection to their teachers and classmates. Our timeline for this project is just getting off the ground and we are planning for completion this coming fall. We will also use some of our Covid money to upgrade our devices for each student K-12. To make our schools safer we will also direct Covid monies to upgrade our ventilation and air handling systems in all of our schools.

We recognize that significant learning loss has occurred as a result of this pandemic. We are currently working on after school learning programs and summer school programs to address student learning and closing learning gaps that understandably have resulted. School principals will be communicating details for these programs as they become available.

In closing I would like to just say one more time, thank you all for being patient, for being your children’s teachers and for doing your very best under very difficult circumstances. Sometimes it’s hard to find the silver lining, but I have seen it many times as communities worked together to find ways to support our children and schools.

Please continue to stay safe. Best wishes for a productive and joyful spring!


Gene Stone,

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Kusilvak Career Academy
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CTE & Residential Director: Conrad Woodhead

Alakanuk School
9 Anderson St. Alakanuk, AK 99554
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Principal: David Harris

Hooper Bay Charter School
General Delivery. Hooper Bay, AK 99604
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Principal: Jamie Wollman

Kotlik School
PO Box 20129. Kotlik, AK 99620
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Principal: Xavier Downs

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PO Box 89. Marshall, AK 99585
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Principal: Jake Kramer

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100 School Road. Mountain Village, AK 99632
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Principal: Tim Sisk

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PO Box 32. Nunam Iqua, AK 99666
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Principal: Samantha Afcan

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PO Box 5090. Pilot Station, AK 99650
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Principal: Kyle King

Russian Mission School
PO Box 90. Russian Mission, AK 99657
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Principal: Pat Parente

Scammon Bay School
PO Box 230. Scammon Bay, AK 99662
(907) 558-2000
Principal: Melissa Rivers


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• All student deserve a quality education based on values, culture, and academics
• Students must know what is expected of them
• The family is the most important teacher in a child’s life
• The community educates the whole child
• All stakeholders must be held to high expectations
• Each of our communities is unique and has different needs
• Decision-making is a shared responsibility
• The people, groups, organizations, and agencies that comprise our community have a responsibility to the education of our children
• Communication should be useful and meaningful
• Students should learn to respect all cultures by having a firm understanding of their own

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