Literacy and Math

Focused training will continue to yield high retention rates and increase the percentage of students meeting or exceeding their math/reading growth goals each year (90%+ by 2028).

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

LYSD aims for 80% or higher student safety scores in grades 3-5 and grades 6-12, according to the School Climate and Connectedness Survey (public data link here).


The Board wants to achieve an annual graduation rate of 80% or better, with a 90% graduation rate by 2028 for the district’s schools and its students.


The Board recognizes that student achievement cannot occur if students do not regularly attend school. For this reason, the Regional School Board aims to achieve an attendance rate of 90% or better annually.

School Board Meetings

To join a Regional School Board meeting either by computer or by phone, please contact Joshua Walton at for the link and/or dial in phone number and instructions. Please include your name and village location in your email.

For copies of Board minutes or packets, please contact Esther Brown at

Policy Committee

The LYSD School Board Policy Committee meets three times per year to review existing policy, develop new policy, review AASB recommendations for policy edits, and to ensure we have ongoing efforts to be diligent and systematic in our review process.

Contact us with questions or concerns!